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SPACE RACE - The race is on! Maxton and his family are entered to compete in the big land rush on planet Caerus. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. The problem? Everything seems to go wrong... learn more
#scifi #competition #sweetromance
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THE COLONY - Responding to a distress call, Officer Alexander Valerian and the rest of his security team arrive at the human colony on the planet of Jangala to find blood and gore all over the walls. All the colonists are dead or missing except for Dr. Elisa Everett, a pretty paleontologist he finds injured and nearly suffocated in a ventilation shaft. Now Alex has to figure out how sixty-nine colonists were wiped out in a single night... learn more
#SFR #colonization #paleontology
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FATE'S MISSION - When a historical discovery threatens his religious Order, Brother Reinn jin Domarr is sent to investigate. What he finds is a hotbed of political intrigue, assassination attempts, and religious warfare.  Someone doesn’t want him to uncover the truth, and he or she is willing to kill to protect a terrible secret.  In the midst of danger, he finds his soul mate...  learn more
#SFR #ethericprojection #soulmates #fate
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STELLAR AFFAIR - As two groups of human colonists fight over territory, Ardra is caught in the middle. She is captured by Roimiran soldiers who are convinced she has been programmed with Tetch military intelligence. They turn her over to Jackson Deimos, a telepath trained in interrogation. He’s very good at slipping in and out of other people’s memories, but he isn’t prepared for Ardra... learn more
#psychic #SFR #falsememories #telepath
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