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RIDING THE STORM - Nobody knows better than Jeorek that a Stormrider without a sorcerer is nothing but unfulfilled potential. When he finally finds a young man with a resonant aura, however, he discovers that the sorcerer fate has bequeathed him isn’t anything like what he expected... learn more
#fantasy #sorcery #shifter #adventure
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VANQUISHEDThe Ulanesh—vicious soldiers from the underrealm—are invading the forest and destroying everything in their path. Standing against the enemy, Evrenor is a captain in the Quennin army and has been tasked by his king to find allies. He enlists the aid of the ancient sea sorceress Valkaria, whom he wakes from a curse that has entombed her at the bottom of a lake for a thousand years. She must regain her powers after a millennium of disuse or else watch everyone around her die...  learn more
#sorceress #magic #fantasy #war
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THE GREAT ROAD - When Queen Adhira’s city is attacked and she’s captured by the winged sorcerer Surtur Takkar, she calls to her twin brother for aid. As Arnon sets out on the Great Road to reach his sister, he is accompanied by a Seer prince, a stable boy with more bravery than brawn, and a reluctant hero who is the only one who can defeat the sorcerer... learn more
#fantasy #sorcery #conquest #twins
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NOODLES & NOGGINS - Inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, this zany contemporary fantasy follows Alyssa Galey, who falls asleep researching vacations online and is led by her computer mouse to the Morpheus Resort. She encounters strange characters along the way, including a scholar writing his doctoral dissertation on “functional noodles” and a ruthless CEO who is likely to make heads roll. Will Alyssa enjoy her time at the resort? And will she ever get home again? learn more
#quirky #humorous #contemporary #fantasy
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